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Fifteen erogenous zones of a woman or go for a map of pleasure

Do you want to float on the wings of passion, experience indescribable excitement and unique sex? Don’t break up with a long-term partner, look for supermilence or study smart books. You’d better consult your own body. Maybe even now, after so many years you live in it, it will surprise you a little.

If you are looking for a place in the city or in a foreign country, you can take a map to help. Try to do so with your own body when you decide to seek pleasure and passion. And let’s take it straight from top to bottom:

1. Head

When looking for pleasurable feelings, you don’t have to take off your clothes or throw away your shame right away. We have a lot of very chaste places on our bodies, the rubbing or massaging of which will lead us to ecstasy. All you have to do is go to the hairdresser and have your hair washed or the scalp massaged.

That it’s nice? Directly divine? The answer is simple, this area is directly inflated by sensitive nerve endings, the stimulation of which is not only pleasant, but even healthy. It relieves tension and helps to release good mood hormones such as dopamine or serotonin into the bloodstream.

2. Ears

When wandering through the landscape called the body, we must not forget the earlobes, which are not only curious about love confessions and sensual speech, but also about caressing hands, teeth or tongue. Most men and women perceive such “attacks” on their auditory system more than positively, describing feelings from tingling to freezing to excitement.

3. Eyelids

The delicate skin of the eyelids is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. Gently try to find out if you are one of those who enjoy their pampering. Close your eyes and stroke them with a silk scarf or feather. You can also ask your partner to kiss you gently on the eyelids.

4. Lips

According to experts, the lips are one of the most erotic parts of a woman’s body and it is definitely worth dealing with. Just because kissing is one of the best methods for moving from an innocent conversation about the weather to a passionate fusion of bodies.

Sex coach Julie Gaia Poupětová told us something more spicy about the mouth area: “The gums can also be gums to the touch. The case of a woman who regularly had orgasms while brushing her teeth was described,” he says. “Unfortunately, she succumbed to the belief that she was possessed by the devil and began using dental floss.”

5. Krk

When discovering sensitive areas on the body, we must not forget the neck area. It is best to discover its secrets in cooperation with a partner who can alternate a gentle massage with kisses.

6. Breasts and nipples

The most famous erogenous zone, which does not need to be introduced. However, every woman suffers from a different intensity of caressing or irritation of the breasts and nipples, so the basic survey of the terrain is up to you. When you know what warms you the most, you will be able to guide your partner correctly.

7. Abdomen

Don’t rush anywhere and stop on your stomach on the way to excitement. In addition to the fact that his stroking can be pleasant (unless you are a ticklish one), it has been shown that some women may experience arousal or even orgasm during certain abdominal exercises.

8. Lower back area

One of the little-known erogenous zones is also an inconspicuous place just above the buttocks. At the same time, in the cross area we find a large number of sensitive nerve endings, which are just waiting for an expedition. Encourage your partner to try gently massaging your fingers or tongue in these places and you will see that you will find yourself in heaven after a while.

9. Buttocks

On the map of erogenous places of the female body, of course, there must also be a terrain wave in the form of a female background. Just think of the famous stamping scene from the movie Closely Watched Trains.

10. Venus’s hill

This slightly forgotten part of a woman’s body, named as a tourist guide, definitely belongs on the map of erogenous zones. And you should definitely get acquainted with it on other occasions than shaving intimate parts. Massaging and stroking it can be much more pleasant than you expected.

11. Genitals

And we are at the finish line. The genitals are, as is well known, a direct embodiment of the term erogenous zone, with the clitoris being considered the most sensitive place in women. You can better orient yourself in the maze of your own sexual experience thanks to masturbation or with the help of a sex coach who will help you learn more about your body.

But definitely put aside shame and shyness. Indiana University researchers have found that women who think positively about their gender experience a better and more frequent orgasm.

12. Palms

You may not know that the palm is one of the potentially very interesting erogenous zones. We find over 40,000 nerve endings on it. You can easily try its stimulation yourself, for example, right now. Do you feel how pleasant it is?

13. Holes behind the knee

Another often overlooked erogenous part of our body is an inconspicuous spot directly behind the knee. Yes, the one you always burn first when you fall asleep on your stomach in the sun. This is because the skin is very soft and sensitive in this area. Tell your partner …

14. Inner thighs

Like the wells behind the knee, the inner side of the thigh is very sensitive to exciting stimuli such as strokes or kisses, because there is a higher concentration of nerve endings.

15. Feet and toes

No, this really isn’t anything ticklish. However, a foot massage is not only pleasant and refreshing, but can even benefit your sexual health. Since the foot is literally littered with reflex points, it is not recommended to experiment - it is better to consult with experts in acupressure or reflexology.